Meeting Point

Fourth Edition (16th December 2021)


From bench to Market:
The Accelerator Meeting Point
drives the biomedical
innovation in Bellvitge

The AMP IV is organised by IDIBELL’s Business Development & Innovation Area and aims to offer lifescience companies and investors a preferential access to innovative projects at different stages of development.

The innovative projects presented will cover the following fields: oncology, regenerative medicine, mental health, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases (COVID-19) and sepsis. The proposed solutions will include assets in drug development, diagnostic and medical devices from digital therapeutics technologies

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B2B Meetings



APTADEL: RNA Aptamer technology for the treatment of Ewing Sarcoma

(Dr. Oscar Martínez / IDIBELL)

Angiotheragnostics: First-in-Class anticancer treatment with its patient selection biomarker to overcome therapy resistance

(Dr. Oriol Casanovas / IDIBELL – ICO)

SUCCIPRO: First-in-class therapy for inflammatory and metabolic diseases

(Dr. Isabel Huber Ruano / IISPV)

LoopDx: A novel first-in-class in vitro cellular immunoassay that identifies sepsis after the first-hour of bloodstream infection

(Dr. Enrique Hernandez / LoopDx))

KronoSafe® Temporary Pacemaker Fixation System

(Dr. Ray Vicente Miralles  / ISABIAL))

T-Cell Therapeutics

(Dr. Bernat Soria / ISABIAL)

Endoscopic Smart Center

(Dr. Lucas Rovira Soriano / IIS La Fe)

Repositioning of a drug for spinal muscular atrophy

(Dr. Piotr Tadeusz Konieczny / INCLIVA)

Saving lives by reducing hospital mortality from sepsis and other acute inflammatory processes.

(Dr. Pablo Pelegrín, Dr. Carlos García, Sr. Joaquín Gómez / IMIB)


Regeneration Of Sinusoidal Niches To Preserve Hematopoiesis After Chemotherapy On Ageing

(Dra. Carolina Florian / IDIBELL

Dna Damage Repair Deficit In Cancer Cells

(Dr. Miquel Angel Pujana / IDIBELL -ICO

Therapy in your Pocket: Effectiveness of Serious Games in Behavioral Addictions (GAME4HEALTH)

(Dra. Susana Jiménez / IDIBELL- HUB

Inhibition of the miR-424/503 cluster to improve reprogramming efficiency for the generation of iPSCs

(Dr. David Llobet and Dra. Ruth Rodríguez / IDIBELL and IDIBELL- UB)

Tackling radiation-induced enteritis

(Dr. Jordi Guiu / IDIBELL)

PPAR-alpha/gamma AGONISTS

(Dra. Nuria Cabedo Escrig / INCLIVA)

aCUP-E: Advance Cup Electrode for Newborns

(Dr. Albert Fabregat and Dr. Vicenç Pascual / IISPV and URV)

NYSTAREC: Development of a new device to diagnose and treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in primary care and emergency departments

(Dr. Josep Lluis Ballvé / IDIAP)

Prostact. Prostate palpation device for prostate cancer screening.

(Dr. César David Vera Donoso / IIS La Fe )


This fourth edition will be VIRTUAL, and the conference will consist in two rooms, dividing the projects according to their state of development, establishing 10 projects per room with a total of 20 in the event.

 The Investment room mainly dominated by investors and the R + D / Collaboration room will be highlighted by the presence of biotechnology and health sector companies.

At the end of the projects presentations in front of the investors and companies, there is the possibility of selecting the projects that have raised their interest, and B2B meeting will be scheduled to their availability in the following days.

Opening and Welcome:

Gabriel Capellá, IDIBELL Director

Project Pitching Sesion 1
  • Virtual Room 1 (Investment):

  • Presentation of 5 companies/projects to be concerned


  • Virtual Room 2 (R+D / Collaboration)

  • Presentation of 5 projects to be concerned
Project Pitching Sesion 2
  • Virtual Room 1 (Investment):
    Presentation of 5 companies/projects to be concerned

  • Virtual Room 2 (R+D / Collaboration):

    Presentation of 5 projects to be concerned
Closing & B2B meetings
(Will be scheduled in the following days according to your interest and availability in the following days)

Previous editions


AMP III (3rd edition)

The most innovative technology projects in the healthcare sector were presented this November 26th at the third edition of the AMP III organized by the Business Development and Innovation Area of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL). An event that this time has been held virtually to ensure the safety of all participants. The digital meeting allowed different IDIBELL entrepreneurs and invited entities from the HealthTech/Biotech sector to espouse their projects to investors and pharmaceutical companies to obtain financing.


Dr. Oriol Casanovas

Dr. Josep Maria Aran

Dr. Oscar Martinez-Tirado

Dr. Rafael Mañez

Dr. Manel Cascalló

Dr. Joan Gilavert

Dra. Antonella Consiglio

Dra. Sara Larriba

Dr. Thomas Golda

Dr. David Garcia Molleví

Dra. Ethelvina Queralt

Dr. Jordi Guiu

Dra. Bárbara Rivera Polo

Dr. José Expósito Ollero (INCLIVA)

Dra. Clara Gomez (FISABIO)

Dr. Jose Alberola / Roberto García (IIS La Fe)

Dr. José Luis García Gimenez (INCLVA)

Dr. Xavier Ruiz Plazas (IISPV)

Dr. Roberto de la Rica (IdisBa)


More than 20 companies from the sector participated in the virtual meeting: 12 venture capital companies and investors, 7 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and 3 regulatory and consulting agencies as a panel of experts to assess the feasibility of the projects and obtain their valuable feedback.

Among the companies participating in the panel of experts, this third edition stands out for the presence of international investors, such as Aurora Science and Gimv. At the local level, we could have the feedback from an investment fund such as In vivo Capital Partners or Canaan Research and Investment, as well as from DDR at the regulatory level.


AMP II (2nd edition)

Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) celebrated the second edition of its Accelerator
Meeting Point (AMP), restating the success of the previous edition. This meeting is organised by IDIBELL’s business development and innovation area and aims to offer investors preferential access to innovation projects in their early stages.


Dr. Oriol Casanovas

Dr. Josep Maria Aran

Dr. Josep Maria Grinyó

Dra. Ethel Queralt

Dra. Maria Jose Linares

Dr. Angel Raya

Dr. Oscar Martinez-Tirado

Dra. Virginia Nunes

Dra. Eva Gonzalez



Jordi Naval – BIOCAT
Michael Tadrós – Fundación Botín
Raül Delgado-Morales – IDIBELL
Marina Rigau Resina – IDIBELL
Esther Riambau – UPF
Laura Rodríguez Gallego – Healthequity
Ignasi Eras – Nina Capital
Melqui Calzado- CataloniaBio
Andrea Sáez – ASABYS
Sylvain Sachot – ASABYS
Lucas Martinez – DCN
Yuki Hasegawa – Whiz partners
Christoph Massner – Earlybird
Jöel Jean-Mairet  – Ysios
Mireia Angulo Parera  – Caixa C.R.
Sara Sanz – Inveready
Skyla Rabadi – Ship2B
Marc Ramis – Life BioScience
Francisco Armero – Cross Road Biotech
Pablo Cabello – Clave Mayor


AMP I (1st edition)

The Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) held yesterday April 16th the first edition of its
Accelerator Meeting Point, a meeting where CataloniaBio -association of biomedicine and health
companies in Catalonia-, Biocat -institution responsible for the promotion of the life sciences and
health sector in Catalonia- and Health Equity -Venture capital of the Barcelona Medical Associationspent
a day with researchers in order to provide recommendations for research projects at a stage
two to three years prior to reaching a commercial milestone.


Dr. Carles Soriano

Dra. Monica  Povedano

Dra. Sara Larriba

Dra. Eva Gonzalez

Dr. Daniel Lorenzo

Dr. Josep Maria Aran

Dr. Francisco Ciruela

Dra. Mariona Graupera

Dr. Oriol Casanovas

Dr. Àngel Raya

Dra. Àngels Fabra





Health Equity 

Chasing Science

Universal Doctor

With the aim of strengthening the future Mediterranean alliance AIISEM (Alianza de Innovación e Industralización Sanitaria del Eje Mediterráneo), the fourth edition of the AMP will also count with the participation projects from the following research centers/institutions: ISABIAL, IDIAP, FISABIO, INCLIVA, IIS la Fe, IMIB and IISPV.


Innovation & Business Development Team

Mario de la Cuesta 

Head of Innovation Portfolio 

Gisela Gallego 

Commercialization Unit Senior Officer

Marta Castillejo 

Innovation Portfolio Project Manager

Isaac Aran

Commercialization Unit Officer 

Laia Traveset

Innovation Portfolio Project Manager 


Innovation & Business Development Area

C/ Feixa Llarga, s/n  08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) 

Tef. 932 607 775 ext. 3309